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Title: The Wave Basis of Special Relativity

Author: Robert A. Close

Description: This book explains not only how Special Relativity (SR) works, but also WHY it works. SR does not require the postulates you will find in other books. Instead, the laws of SR can be deduced from the experimental observation that matter behaves like waves (see the animation “Underwater Relativity”). The Lorentz transformations apply to measurements made with waves even if those waves propagate in ordinary Galilean space-time. That is why Lorentz-invariant equations derived from classical models are consistent with SR. Examples include MacCullagh’s equation for light waves and Maxwell’s equations for electromagnetism. This book utilizes a simplified model of matter consisting of waves propagating in circles in order to explain how physical quantities transform due to relative motion. The straightforward logic and elegance of this approach is a pleasant alternative to the usual plug-and-chug presentation of relativity.

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About the Author: Dr. Robert A. Close holds a BS in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in physics from the University of California at Berkeley. He has published many scientific articles in the fields of medical imaging, plasma physics, and fundamental physics. His recent research, found in this book and at www.classicalmatter.org, offers a new paradigm for understanding modern physics based on simple mechanistic processes rather than the usual potpourri of postulates and empirical findings.  


Title: Circulating Wave Model of Special Relativity

Author: Robert A. Close

Description: Transparency sheets that roll up into a model of circulating waves. The model demonstrates relativistic frequency shift, time dilation, and length contraction. Includes a sample lab activity.

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Title: The Classical Wave Theory of Matter

Author: Robert A. Close

Description: This book investigates the possibility of a classical, mechanistic interpretation of modern physics. The laws of Special Relativity are derived from the wave nature of matter rather than from Einstein's postulates. A Dirac equation is derived from the simple model of an elastic solid aether rather than simply being postulated as a plausible relativistic wave equation. Quantum mechanical operators and wave correlations are also derived. Gravity is interpreted as wave refraction, consistent with the General Relativity result that a gravitational potential represents a variation in the speed of light.

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*This book is a draft. Please send suggested improvements to the author at robert.close@classicalmatter.org.